Bone Clones® Dmanisi Homo erectus Skull 3

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Bone Clones® Dmanisi Homo erectus Skull 3
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1.7 MYA. The Dmanisi site in the country of Georgia has yielded incredible hominin fossil finds of the species Homo erectus, adding further documentation to the presence of Homo existing outside of Africa around 1.7 million years ago during the Plio-Pleistocene period.

  • Each Bone Clones® cast is hand-made from start to finish
  • Rigorous standards are applied when selecting original specimens to ensure the best representation
  • Proprietary, custom blend of polyurethane developed to capture and replicate minute detail
This specimen is one of five individuals found in the same area and provides an incredible glimpse of early human development, within group variation, and hominin migration patterns.

Dmanisi D2700 (cranium)/D2735 (mandible) Homo erectus was discovered in 1999 by Abesalom Vekua, et al. in Dmanisi, Georgia. This small-brained specimen, found alongside Oldowan-like choppers and scrapers, undercuts the theory that hominids did not leave Africa until about one million years ago and only after becoming large-brained bipeds with well-developed tool-making abilities. The cranial capacity of D2700 (600 cc) is similar to that of the African H. habilis specimens. Despite their small cranial capacity, characteristics of the crania and mandibles show greater similarity to early African Homo erectus or Homo ergaster than to Homo habilis. This specimen was found in good condition with minor taphonomic damage and indications of periodontal disease. This individual is estimated to be a sub-adult with partially erupted 3rd molars and unfused basioccipital and sphenoid. Since, this individual is young, sex can be difficult to establish. The generally gracile facial morphology indicates it may be female, while the presence of a large upper canine tooth and large zygomatic bones indicate this may be a male.

The Bone Clones® Hominid line is composed of discoveries from anatomically modern humans, archaic humans, early Homo, early hominins, and other hominids. The majority of the casts in this line have been recreated by a team of anatomical sculptors. Some are reconstructions made by anthropology professionals using fragmentary elements from original discoveries and extrapolating the missing parts from those.

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