Carson MagniLoupe™

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Carson MagniLoupe™
Magnifiers Magnifiers for Education
The MagniLoupe™ is a unique four piece eye loupe set with an included smartphone clip. The four loupes are: 4.5×, 6.5×, 8× and 13× power. Use the loupes on their own for up close inspection of jewellery, print, photos, electronics and more. The four ergonomically designed eye loupe magnifiers are engineered to rest comfortably in your eye socket.

To use the smartphone clip, simply remove the eye cup from any of the loupes and slide on the clip. Rotate clockwise until it snaps into place. Open your camera applicaton in either video or photo mode and begin taking pictures or video of hard to see things. It allows you to capture and share your findings with friends, family or on social media. The clip is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei and Google Pixel phone models. Works on most cases, but does not work on the largest Otter Box style cases.