Bio-Rad® Science of Opioid Dependence

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Bio-Rad® Science of Opioid Dependence
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Explore the links between opioid dependence, genetics, the neurobiology of reward pathways, and environment factors.

  • Teach PCR without a thermal cycler using pre-amplified DNA
  • Connections to genetics, neurobiology, DNA structure, PCR, and statistics
  • Design a human genetic research study
  • Available with or without electrophoresis reagents
The science of opioid dependence kit puts your students in the roles of doctor and researcher as they explore potential genetic links to opioid dependence. In this kit, your students will outline a human genetic research study; they will conduct gel electrophoresis on pre-amplified PCR patient DNA samples to determine whether a mutation in a human dopamine receptor gene influences opioid dependence. Your students will also consider environmental factors that contribute to dependence as a phenotype.

Opioid Kit is available by itself, or with one of two different options for electrophoresis reagents.

Ordering information: Opioid Kit contains Pre-amplified DNA samples, Molecular weight ruler, Loading Dye and microcentrifuge tubes.
Kit and FastBlast includes opioid kit, DNA FastBlast stain, buffer and agarose.
Kit and UView includes opioid kit, fluorescent UView loading dye and stain, buffer and agarose.