Cardionics® Simscope Hybrid Systems

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Cardionics® Simscope Hybrid Systems
Models Human Biology Models
Flexibility in education.

  • Simple one-on-one student to patient interaction
  • Wi-Fi Upgrade Available
  • Listen at anatomically correct auscultation sites
  • Easy to use software
  • Unlimited site selection and scenarios
  • Extensive sounds library
The SimScope is the most instructive device available for auscultation and assessment in a patient simulation. With 30 physiological sounds, and packages offering up to 90 additional sounds to choose from, instructors will be able to customize patient parameters according to their curriculum, while retaining the real-life interaction between the student and Standardized Patient. The SimScope is designed to be incredibly easy to operate, while containing the largest library of physiological sounds in the industry, all to keep the simulation as educative and fluid as possible.