Compuflo® Epideral Trainer

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Compuflo® Epideral Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Learn epidural needle placement quickly and easily.

  • Identifies differences in tissue
  • Prevents false loss of resistance
  • Visual and audio confirmation of placement
The CompuFlo® Epidural Trainer features Dynamic Pressure Sensing® (DPS) technology that detects tissue changes that are imperceptible by touch. This intelligence allows the trainee to objectively identify location and discriminate between true and false loss of resistance.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Trainer links trainee tactile feel with visual and audible confirmation of pressure changes to verify the epidural space and reduce the number of attempts building confidence and speeding the procedure’s learning curve. For instructors overseeing training, CompuFlo® allows them to for the first time and monitor every aspect of needle movement via audible sound and visual display for more objective feedback and guidance. Procedures are also documented and stored for educational review and assurance.

The CompuFlo® Epidural Trainer consists of a digital console (touchscreen monitor, motor-driven piston syringe pump with internal pressure transducer and power supply) and power cord. A foot pedal is also included for training of solo-physician protocols.

The CompuFlo® Trainer requires a non-sterile Milestone Epidural Disposable Kit for use. It includes adaptor, external in-line fluid pressure sensor, 20 ml plastic syringe, pressure tubing and a three-way valve. Each kit is designed for 100 training procedures. Volume beyond 100 requires a new kit for each hundred procedures. Users choose and provide the epidural needle.