ADC® System 5 Portable 5 Cuff Sphygmomanometer

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470315-704CS 941.25 USD
ADC® System 5 Portable 5 Cuff Sphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure Monitors
The most compact five cuff system.

  • Compact enough to fit most trauma kits
  • Single connection palm aneroid
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
If you need to quickly change cuffs, this kit is a great option. Each cuff has the features you would expect from ADC®. Each cuff in this set is a different color making identification easier, so the proper size can be used. Cuffs are manufactured of high quality denier nylon, and fastening hook and loop adhesive is tested for a minimum of 30000 open and close cycles.

The palm aneroid connects to each cuff using a single tube, bayonet connection, for fast and accurate changes. The manometer operates easily with a single hand, with an ambidextrous release valve trigger. All of this is easily stored in a compact (10×9×4"), dual zippered case with labeled pockets for each component.

Delivery information: Includes five sizes of cuffs (child, small adult, adult, large adult and thigh), you should always have a size you need at hand.