ADC® Pediatric Multicuff Kit

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470315-698EA 212.7 USD
ADC® Pediatric Multicuff Kit
Blood Pressure Monitors
A full set of smaller sized cuffs so they are easily at hand.

  • Palm aneroid
  • Cuffs are child, small adult, and adult
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
An easy to use set for a busy office. This ADC® multicuff set comes with a palm aneroid, and three sizes of single tube adcuffs. Each cuff in this set is a different print pattern to make selection quick and easy. The child size (9) comes in a multicolor puzzle piece print, the small adult size (10) in the adimals print and the adult size (11) in a medical theme print. Each cuff is clearly marked for proper sizing, and stores in a supplied plexiglass tray. The palm aneroid uses a metal bayonet connection for quick and easy changes between cuffs. The gauge is precision crafted, tested to 50000 inflation cycles, and housed in a durable frame to protect against shocks. The release valve trigger is easily operated by either hand giving you seamless control from either side.

Delivery information: Includes three cuff sizes in different prints.