ADC® Adstation Modular Diagnostic Station

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470315-670EA 1396.05 USD
ADC® Adstation Modular Diagnostic Station
Easily updatable modular system.

  • Includes 3.5 V instruments with halogen lamps
  • Includes standard otoscope, coax ophthalmoscope and a clock aneroid
The ADC 3.5 V diagnostic EENT instruments are among the most critical tools for performing a comprehensive physical exam. ADC offers more than 1000 configurations of our 3.5 V Diagnostix Adstation, a wall-mounted solution that puts these essential instruments within easy reach. This configuration combines the most commonly needed tools for an exam room diagnostic station. Each component connects, so they can be arranged in whichever manor best fits your room. The power supply uses a magnetic switch, so when the handles are replaced in the cradle, poser is automatically shut off. The otoscope mounts to the handle using a universal bayonet mount, and uses fiber-optic transmission for an unobstructed view. Optical glass provides 3X magnification and reduces reflection.

The ophthalmoscope has 29 viewing lenses, six apertures, and three filters built in and has an ergonomic design for one finger control for functions. The specula holder can hold 5 sizes of specula, and provides a quick view of quantity available. The clock aneroid has a large, 6" dial for easy visibility. The included wall basket will easily contain the large adult cuff as well as additional cuffs if necessary.