ADC® Proscope 5215 Diagnostic Set

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470315-666CS 781.35 USD
ADC® Proscope 5215 Diagnostic Set
Five instruments in a fitted case.

  • All instruments fit a single handle
  • Zippered case has a fitted insert for organization, and protection
  • Bayonet mounting for a secure attachment to the handle
Want to have your instruments easily at hand? This combination set is just what you need. It all starts with the C-cell handle. The battery handle is chrome plated brass, with a knurled finish giving you a good grip, and has a rheostatic switch that is easily operated with one hand. The otoscope has a removable 3X magnifying lens as well as an insufflator fitting. Specula should never be a problem. The kit includes three sizes of autoclavable specula, as well as an adaptor to utilize WA disposable specula. An adaptor allows for use of nasal specula with an opening for instruments. The otoscope head has 24 corrective lenses from -25 to +40 diopters. Also included is a chrome plated bent arm illuminator. For use with the illuminator is a tongue depressor attachment, and a disposable tongue depressor adaptor. All or these, including specula, have a space in the dicut case to help protect your investment.

Accessories information: Does not include batteries.