Edvotek® EdvoCycler™ Thermal Cyclers

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Edvotek® EdvoCycler™ Thermal Cyclers
Thermal Cyclers
The EdvoCycler™ 2 and EdvoCycler™ Jr. set the standard for DNA machine technology.

  • Easy to Use and Program - No PC or smartphone required
  • 7" HD color touchscreen displays real-time cycling data
  • Accommodates individual tubes, or 8-tube strips
  • Heated lid prevents sample evaporation
  • Active cooling to 14 °C
  • Instant incubate function
The EdvoCycler™ is now available in two different sizes to accommodate whole classes, or individuals.

The EdvoCycler™ 2 offers advanced PCR functionality for the whole classroom (48 wells), and does it at a low per-sample price.

The EdvoCycler™ Jr. is the perfect 16 well PCR machine to run individual PCR experiments. A vivid and intuitive touchscreen and onboard computer simplify operation by not requiring a secondary device.

Maximum ramp rate: 3.5 °C

Delivery information: Includes free PCR validation kit and three year warranty.