Panthera U Student Microscopes

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Panthera U Student Microscopes
The Panthera U has all of the features and flexibility desired in a university microscope.

  • Infinity plan achromatic objectives eliminate distortion and abberrations
  • Motic Lighttracer Technology enables the user to make lighting presets for each objective
  • N.A. 0.90/1.25 abbe condenser yields high quality images at high magnification
  • Led Fixed Kohler illumination results in great images and works well with delicate specimens
  • The led light intensity indicator easily alerts the user to lighting settings
  • New rackless mechanical stage built to last longer through heavy use
  • Able to perform a wide variety contrast techniques
With Motic LightTracer illumination control and Plan UC optics, this upright microscope has many distinct features beneficial to university work

The Panthera U is designed for use in a university setting with an emphasis on flexibility and ease-of-use. It includes Motic LightTracer technology, which enables users to set custom light intensity presets and its 3 W full Kohler LED illumination is easily interchangeable with other color temperature bulbs and is perfect for all specimens, from the delicate to the weakly stained.

In addition, it has many different accessories available to enable a wide range of different contrast methods, making it useful in studying a wide variety of subjects. Other leading edge features include a new 2-slide rackless mechanical stage, Infinity Corrected Plan UC achromat objectives, and a quintuple coded nosepiece, which is fashioned with an LED light intensity indicator.

Its 3 W LED illumination is easily interchangeable with other color temperature bulbs. In addition, it has a newly designed two-slide compact rackless stage and many different accessories to enable a wide range of different contrast methods. The high quality and versatility of this compound microscope means the Panthera U is the best choice for university teaching and research.