The Apprentice Doctor® Compact Suture Kit

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The Apprentice Doctor® Compact Suture Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
An easy way to learn suturing skills.

  • All the materials a student needs
  • Includes online curricula
  • Pre cut silicone suture training pad
The Apprentice Doctor is known for producing excellent, affordable, kits for medical training. This new kit is no exception. Originating with the basic suturing course created by Dr. Anton Scheepers, This kit provides all the education and skills in a smaller, more convenient, package.

All the materials you need are included to learn basic suturing skills including high quality instruments, precut gut, nylon and silk sutures and a suture training pad. Unlike most training pads the Apprentice Doctor pad is pre cut in 14 forms providing practice for multiple situations.

The training course is provided as a QR code link to a 94 page PDF. Page by page it walks students through basic instrument identification and use, different types of knots, and 14 different learning projects. Each project covers a single 'how to' approach from preparing the wound for suturing to suture removal in a step by step process.

Caution: Intended for training use only, not for human or animal use.