The Apprentice Doctor® Training Bundle

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The Apprentice Doctor® Training Bundle
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
A great sequential program.

  • Built for 10 students
  • Incorporates three distinct training programs
  • Each activity includes online curricula
  • Activities performed both individually and as teams
  • Physician developed
The Apprentice Doctor has been producing medical based curricula for almost 20 years. Any one of these kits can be used alone, but they can also be used as a set to train students, and reinforce the training through repetition. A bundle of kits of this sort allows you to change the sequence of activities to fit your needs, performing activities inside, or outside of class time as necessary. A sample progression might incorporate the kit for aseptic preparation first ( 1 kit included for 10 students), training students how to prepare for performing sterile procedures (1 lab period). Your students would use these procedures to prepare for additional labs as necessary. The Suturing activity can be done either as a lab activity, with 2 students sharing a kit ( 5 Kits included), or as a home assignment, with students sharing a kit over a couple of days. Once your students are prepared, form them into medical teams of 3 or 4. Each team can perform up to 2 types of fracture reduction (3 kits, recommended 1-2 lab units), including a surgical reduction that would require full aseptic preparation and closing suture skills.

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