BoneClones® Narwhal Tusk

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BoneClones® Narwhal Tusk
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Why did this evolve?

  • High quality replica tusk on base
  • A great example for evolution and fitness discussions
  • Reinforced core to prevent warping
The narwhal tusk is a bit shy of 6 feet long and 21/4" wide at the base. The tusk has a steel center to prevent bending or warping. A threaded steel rod protrudes from the end for attachment to the solid round base. Both the base and the rod are removable to allow for horizontal display.

Each Bone Clones® narwhal tusk is expertly cast to reveal its delicate and beautiful spirals. Narwhals are cetaceans, most closely related to the familiar beluga whales often seen in marine parks around the world. Males have an amazing tooth, or tusk, that is unique in the animal kingdom.

This tusk most often grows from the left hand side of their upper maxilla in a left-turning helix (spiral twist), reaching lengths of almost 10 feet in an animal that reaches only 16 feet itself.