BoneClones® Claws Comparison Riker Mount

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BoneClones® Claws Comparison Riker Mount
Models Zoology Models
An impressive collection of claws for comparison.

  • 31 models arranged in a riker mount
  • Expertly prepared replicas of real specimens
  • Replicas allow for samples from hard to find, or protected species
A beautiful set of 31 Bone Clones® replica claws and talons, and a savings when purchased as a set. Perfect for comparative studies and display.

Delivery information: Set includes all of the claws and talons in our bird, cat, bear, and canid claws or talon sets, plus several others - 31 in all: great horned owl, golden eagle, bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, raven, peregrine falcon, barn owl and harpy eagle , African lion, lynx, bobcat, cougar, Russian lynx, cheetah dew claw, African leopard, cheetah front claw, Siberian tiger, jaguar , grizzly bear, polar bear, black bear, sloth , wolf, fox, raccoon, coyote, komodo dragon, beaver, snapping turtle, badger and porcupine.