3B Scientific® Gynecologic Skills Trainer

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3B Scientific®
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3B Scientific® Gynecologic Skills Trainer
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A versatile training tool.

  • The bladder can be simulated full or empty
  • Offers realistic flexibility of the vaginal canal wall
  • Seamless, flexible skin for practice of speculum placement
  • Easily change the uterus and the cervix without tools
  • Latex free
This trainer is an excellent tool for developing diagnostic skills and learners confidence to provide patients with high-quality comprehensive care. The 3B Scientific SKINlike™, high-quality silicone, offers a realistic look, feel and texture in addition to a life-like softness during palpation and bimanual examination. Four different uteri modules with externally palpable abnormal pathologies are easily interchangeable and can be completed with 6 different cervices (2 normal, and 4 pathological).

This trainer will be useful for demonstrating the following procedures:
Perform bimanual examinations with palpable, realistic, normal and abnormal uteri
Perform vaginal examination with speculum
Train vaginal examination with easily interchangeable cervices and have visual recognition of normal and abnormal anatomy variations
Evaluate multiple conditions using the interchangeable cervices normal and pathologic
Pap test for cervical screening
Practice catheterization (no fluid)
Suppository administration and digital rectal examination