OperativeExperience® C-Celia-Postpartum Hemorrhage Control Simulator

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OperativeExperience® C-Celia-Postpartum Hemorrhage Control Simulator
Extremely realistic soft body simulator.

  • Soft body construction
  • Supports hemorrhage control techniques including Bakri Balloon, B-Lynch suture, Hayman suture and O'Leary Stitch
  • Surgical PPH control: Compressive uterine sutures, uterine artery ligation, hypogastric artery ligation
  • Non-surgical PPH control: uterine fundal massage, bimanual uterine massage, uterine packing, uterine tamponade, external aortic compression
  • Enables scores of procedures
  • Realistic bleeding with integrated fluid system
  • Economic with low-cost replacement parts and multi-use uteri
The C-Celia PPH Control simulator includes two durable, multi-use uteri, each one enabling repeated use in training sessions. It was developed for the simulation lab setting and is thus extremely durable and easy to clean, while the material gives the trainee a life-like training experience. Open (post C-section delivery) abdomen simulator for management of diffuse bleeding and repair of complex lacerations and uterine artery injuries.

When heavy to massive bleeding occurs after a Cesarean delivery, the medical team needs to work together fast and seamlessly. With realistic obstetric simulation, the team can practice medical procedures and clinical protocols to control PPH, and learn how to work together and control the situation. Obstetric emergency trainings can be true-to-life with the C-Celia suite of birthing simulators.