BoneClones® Primate Skulls with Lesson Plan

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BoneClones® Primate Skulls with Lesson Plan
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An out of the box evolution investigation.

  • Make and compare measurements from seven primate skulls
  • Includes teacher guide and student activity sheet masters
This primate skull comparison set with lesson plan was created to introduce the student to the scientific method through the use of anthropological measurements and hypothesis testing.

The lesson plan, intended for high school through introductory level college students, is designed to introduce students to hominid evolution and the scientific method through the use of research, data collection, and analysis using this set of seven primates. By comparing hominids to modern humans and non-human primates, students will gain an understanding of some of the skull modifications that took place during human evolution.

Students will form a hypothesis, collect data through skull measurements, and analyze information to formulate a conclusion in order to find out what 'mystery hominid skull' they have. This set can be useful in satisfying some of the national and state requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each skull is supplied in 2 parts.