Forensic Anthropology K-12 Set

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Forensic Anthropology K-12 Set
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Scenario based learning helps keep students involved.

  • Created for grades 8–12
  • Open-and-Go - lab prep in minutes
  • Aligned with NGSS and NCSS
Based on a historical forensic crime, this innovative set merges physical anthropology (osteology & skeletal interpretation) and archaeology for a captivating interdisciplinary approach to exploring forensic anthropology. Based on the assassination of the "Last Czar of Russia" and his family (the Romanovs), this curriculum appeals to student imagination and intellect while crossing subject boundaries into world history/social studies. This scenario-based learning lab lends awareness to a multitude of anthropology-related careers, not typically recognized by students.

Three labs including: Geographic Affiliation (ancestry), Sex Estimation, and Stature Estimation
Scenario-based learning (SBL) to captivate, motivate, and accelerate real-world skills and experience
"Open-and-Go": lab prep in minutes, 34 slides with detailed notes, robust (21-page) Teacher's Guide, laminated student protocols & references, and datasheets for each lab
Estimated class time: 75–90 minutes
Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies (NCSS)

Ordering information: The Forensic Anthropology K-12 Set includes: Teacher's Guide (printed, color, 21 pages); Slide Deck & Lecture Notes (34-slide download); Student Protocols (printed, laminated, color); Student Data Sheets (download); Reference Tables (printed, laminated, color); 7 Calipers (plastic, Vernier-style); Osteometric Board (for long-bone measurements); Set of 6 Human Male and Female Skulls (African, Asian, & European); Human male femur, tibia, fibula & humerus; Human male cranium classic entry-exit gunshot wounds; Human female skull with multiple gunshot wounds; Human male cranium with hammer blows; Human female skull with slingshot wound; Human male Asian pelvis; Human female Asian pelvis; Human male European pelvis; and Human female European pelvis.