Phone Scope Magnifier, 60×

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470310-434CS 2240.8 USD
Phone Scope Magnifier, 60×
Quick and easy to attach to a phone's camera with the detachable clip.

  • 60× Zoom microscope magnifing lens for universal phones
  • Bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at any dim condition
  • On/Off switch for LEDs
  • Portable and convenient design
This fits many types of cell phones and tablets. Look at images on a cell phone’s large screen, zoom in and take pictures to share with others or input into documents or other media. Quickly attaches to a phone's camera port with the detachable clip.

Perfect for biological, jewelry, coins, currency, stamps, antiques, precision parts, insect and flower photography, geology, horticulture plant identification take up-close pictures of plant issues and send them to others for identification.

Delivery information: LEDs powered by 3 LR1130 cell batteries are included.