2020t/i Portable Turbidity Meters, LaMotte

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1974-I 1974-T
470308-442EA 1449 USD
470308-442 470308-444
2020t/i Portable Turbidity Meters, LaMotte
Turbidity Meters
Ratiometric design in innovative, waterproof, handheld meters.

  • Ratio measurement
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • USB port
  • 7 languages
  • Backlit display
  • Tungsten and Infrared
The multi-detector optical configuration assures long-term stability and minimizes stray light and color interference. The new ratiometric design allows for easy and accurate testing. The nephelometric mode measures 0-40 NTU/FNU, ratiometric mode 40-1000 NTRU/FNRU and 1000-2000 AU. Now pinpoint the range of interest with better, more reliable results. Ideally suited for low-level drinking water applications, mid-range industrial applications, and high-range environmental applications.

2020t version meets US EPA design criteria as specified by EPA 180.1, Rev. 2.0 (1993) and Standard Methods 2130 B-2001.

2020i version meets design criteria for quantitative methods of turbidity using optical turbidimeters as specified by ISO 7027.

Delivery information: Kits are supplied with 0, 1, and 10 NTU standards (Code 1974-T) or 0, 10, 100 FNU (Code 1974-I), sample bottle, six sample tubes, USB cable and wall adapter—all in a sturdy carrying case."





Replacement turbidity standards
Item # Turbidity Unit Availability Price Quantity
470308-902 0.0 NTU/FNU Each (60ml) Retrieving
470308-898 1.0 FNU Each (60ml) Retrieving
470308-900 10.0 FNU Each (60ml) Retrieving
470308-896 10.0 NTU Each (60ml) Retrieving