Bio-Rad® GMO Investigator™ PCR and qPCR Kits

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Bio-Rad® GMO Investigator™ PCR and qPCR Kits
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Using either PCR or real-time PCR and DNA electrophoresis, these kits test for the presence of two different GMO-associated DNA sequences in food.

  • Extract and amplify DNA from eight food samples
  • Perform genuine diagnostic procedures
  • Use PCR and electrophoresis techniques
  • Choose to amplify with PCR, or amplify and quantify with qPCR depending on the kit
Students engage in a complete investigation in which they gather sample food items from the grocery store, extract DNA from the samples, amplify the DNA using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and use agarose gel electrophoresis to identify the presence or absence of amplified GMO sequences. Time required for GMO Investigator Kit is three, 45 minutes sessions.

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