Live Drosophila melanogaster - Standard Crosses, Ward's Science

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Live Drosophila melanogaster - Standard Crosses, Ward's Science
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All of our most popular crosses, already done for you. We'll do all the pre-work, so you can spend more time with your students.

  • Demonstrate sex-linked, dominant and recessive modes of inheritance
  • No pre-work needed - your crosses arrive already done
  • Wards offers the shortest lead-time on crosses in the industry, getting your class up and running sooner
  • Our cultures come with our satisfaction guarantee for genetic purity and excellent quality
F1 adults will emerge approximately 12 days from date stamped on file.

To create an F2 generation: Once the flies have matured, place five or six sets of males and females into a clean vial with food. You do not need to select virgin females for this step.

Ordering information: For best results, please call our customer service department to place an order for these items.