Ion Exchange Chromatography, Edvotek

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Ion Exchange Chromatography, Edvotek
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chromatography Learning Activities
Separate a mixture of two chemicals based on net charge using ion exchange chromatography.

  • For ten lab groups
  • Instructions included
  • Complete activity in as little as 60 minutes (up to 90 minutes)
Most molecules have a net charge within a pH range of 2 to 10. When the pH is altered, the net charge on molecules can change drastically. In this experiment, a mixture of two chemicals is absorbed onto a solid support ion-exchange column and separated during elution under conditions that influence their net charge.

Storage: Room temperature

Ordering information: Requires spectrophotometer, cuvettes, ring stands and clamps, test tubes, lab glassware, distilled water, 5 ml pipets and pumps

Delivery information: Kit includes: instructions, ion exchanger, potassium acetate buffer, blue and red dyes, chromatography columns, assorted pipets and tubes