r3bEL Mini Printer BioKits and Accessories

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r3bEL Mini Printer BioKits and Accessories
These BioKits were designed to be used with the r3bEL Mini Bioprinter (available separately).

  • Bring the exciting world of bioprinting to your classroom
  • Designed to work with the r3bEL Mini Bioprinter (available separately)
  • Wide variety of kits available
Explore enzymatic reactions, investigate cell culture and bacterial growth or photosynthesis by creating your own bioprinted arrays. Or simply experiment with biomaterials to learn about their different properties and applications by choosing one of our starter biomaterials kits.

Ordering information: Kits contain perishable materials, please specify a delivery date at order-time.

Delivery information: BioKits will ship at ambient temperature, but should be stored cold upon arrival. Store according to temperature requirements indicated.

Caution: Syringes and needles are for bioprinter use only, and are not to be used for medical use.