Digital Brix Refractometer

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470310-218EA 333.85 USD
Digital Brix Refractometer
Refractometers Handheld Refractometers
Measure Dissolved Sucrose Level in Liquids.

  • Dual LCD simultaneously displays %Brix or Refractive Index (RI) and Temperature
  • Wide 0 to 53% Brix measurement range with 0.1% resolution
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) 50 to 104 °F (10 to 40 °C)
  • Water resistant (IP65)
  • Store/recall 10 measurements
Take quick and accurate % Brix or Refractive Index (RI) measurements of dissolved sucrose level in liquids for beverage and food production, determine maturity of fruits and plants, or control the concentration of industrial fluids (such as cutting coolants, hydraulic fluids, and antifreeze) to extend equipment life and prevent corrosion. Fast three second response time, the LCD displays %Brix or RI and Temperature. The RF153 fits in the palm of your hand and it features built-in ATC, single Zero calibration, prism cover, and auto memory storing 10 readings. Rugged low maintenance water resistant (IP65) housing with convenient side spouts for easy drainage.

Delivery information: Supplied complete with built-in prism cover, wrist strap, 2 AAA batteries, and pouch.