MaLa Scientific Petriscope Mini Activities

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MaLa Scientific Petriscope Mini Activities
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology Learning Activities
Kits to focus on specific conditions.

  • The benefits of the parent kit in a more focused kit
  • Reusable models
Students often struggle to understand blood-cell biology and the changes in blood cells that lead to leukemia and other disease states. These classroom-tested blood-cell models, which received a US patent, can enable students to grasp information on blood-cell biology, blood diseases, or many types of leukemia. Each kit allows you to perform the same activities as the original kit, but allows you to focus on either leukemias or infections with your students.

Using lesson plans and disposable packets provided in each kit, students create their own blood-cell models to see what happens in blood cells to cause disease states. Finally, students learn quantitative blood-cell biology and use disposable kits to key down specific blood-cell diseases. Teachers from high school to medical school can use the novel blood-cell model and disposable kits to help students understand leukemia and other blood diseases.

Each kit will include a set of petriscopes showing different pathologies, literature, and a set of mini cells which are used to learn counting and diagnosis.