ADC® Stethoscope Accessories

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ADC® Stethoscope Accessories
Has anyone seen my stethoscope?

  • Keep stethoscopes handy
  • Minimizes chances of leaving a stethoscope behind
  • ID Tags prevent accidental sharing
Stethoscopes are a vital tool for a practitioner. Help protect your investment with these two handy tools. Hanging a stethoscope around your neck can result in neck strain, or a tender chest. It can also lead to dropping a scope when bending or reaching. Use the hip clip to have your scope handy but secure. The clip fits most stethoscopes, and secures both the binaurals and chest piece, keeping your hands free. The lightweight clip has a waistband clip so it will even fit onto scrubs. The ID Tag will clip onto any ADC® brand stethoscope, as well as most other models. It can even be used on most blood pressure equipment. Use to ID personal equipment, or label supplies by room number or location.