Carson Sky Chaser Telescope

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470309-706EA 175.9 USD
Carson Sky Chaser Telescope
The Sky Chaser is the perfect entry level refractor-type telescope for kids, young astronomers, and even adults to learn the basics about astronomy and terrestrial viewing.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Tabletop tripod setup
The Sky Chaser telescope is supplied with a tabletop tripod and a zippered carrying case. Weighing just over 3 pounds, this beginner telescope is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for travel. The Sky Chaser includes an 8×21 mm finder scope to help navigate the subjects viewed in space. The telescope tube contains a 70 mm aperture, allowing for great light transmission which equates to clear and sharp image quality.

The Sky Chaser also includes a K25 eyepiece (16× magnification) and a K9 eyepiece (44.5× magnification). A 3x barlow lens is also included. The combination of the barlow lens with each eyepiece offers a magnification of up to 133.5× power. The Sky Chaser is also features an erecting prism which correctly orients the view of a subject. This refractor telescope is ideal for viewing deep sky objects like the moon, saturn, mars, jupiter, and much more.

Delivery information: Carrying case included.