The Apprentice Doctor® Surgical Aseptic Technique Activity

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470308-566KT 97 USD
The Apprentice Doctor® Surgical Aseptic Technique Activity
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Great introductory lab!

  • Students practice skills to prepare for surgical simulations
  • Practice water and alcohol scrubs
Can you successfully scrub for surgery? Many students get extensive practice performing procedures, but never get enough training on the proper way to scrub, gown and prepare to perform a procedure. This kit gives you the supplies you need to have 10 students practice the process of preparing themselves to perform a surgical procedure. All materials are packaged as you would expect to find them in most surgical theaters.

A great start for your first lab to introduce your students to the process, or use it as part of a final project where students need to perform a simulated surgery. This is even a good review for any group who needs to periodically perform in a surgical theatre. The included course is accessible on line for easy access.

Accessories information: Try following this activity with the Apprentice Dr Fracture Reduction Kit.