GENECHECKER™ UF-100 Ultra-Fast Thermal Cycler for PCR, Victory Scientific

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GENECHECKER™ UF-100 Ultra-Fast Thermal Cycler for PCR, Victory Scientific
Thermal Cyclers
PCR results in as little as 12 minutes!

  • Save time! Perform both PCR and electrophoresis in the same class period
  • Patented chip based design provides extremely rapid output – '30 cycles in 12 minutes'
  • Each unit comes with a starter box of 48 Rapi:Chips™
  • Test 16 samples per chip, and use only 10 µl total volume per well
  • Easy programming with LCD display
  • Eco-friendly: uses only 70 W, which is up to 10 times less than conventional units
  • Small and lightweight; takes up minimal bench space
  • Precisely controlled peltier element
  • Polymer based 3-dimensional chip (sample format)
GENECHECKER™ has adopted a special polymer chip (Rapi:chip™) technology which enables much faster thermal transfer to the samples when compared to conventional PCR tubes or plates. This mechanism achieves an 8 °C/sec ramping rate for both heating and cooling, letting you get ultra-fast, accurate results at a very affordable price.

Master Mix – The series of Master Mixes for the GENECHECKER™ UF-100 unit are a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction cocktail containing all components, except primers and template, for ultra-fast PCR tasks. Each master mix is optimized for ultra-fast reactions with GENECHECKER™ enabling high sensitivity, efficiency, reproducibility and minimized PCR inhibition. This implements improved speed when compared to other commercial polymerases. The master mixes use novel antibody-mediated hotstart DNA polymerases and are available for general PCR. In addition, the Uracil-DNA glycosylase with dUTP system is applied to these PCR premixes for the prevention of carryover contamination. All our master mixes have been optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency and sensitivity using GENECHECKER™.

16-well Rapi:chip™ - A unique 3-dimensional microfluidic polymer chip where the bottom surface is made of a thin film and precisely bonded with a polymer body, enabling ultra-fast thermal cycling. Rapi:chip™ was developed from the understanding of the challenges in routine PCR. We found the protocols duration could be dramatically reduced when efficient heat transfer is made during the thermal cycling process. Rapi:chip/16™ can accommodate 16 samples and is ideal for amplification of standard PCR. Design is optimized for reducing the time for gene amplification. The flat wide chamber allows the most efficient transfer of heat to the sample. Each chip contains 16 wells, each well holds 10 µl. Contamination and transformation free.