Lance Blood Glucose Test Trainer

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Lance Blood Glucose Test Trainer
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Lance MT can be used for the simulation of finger stick and blood glucose testing. Practice without the pain.

This product will enable a student or patient to have a realistic experience when testing blood sugar, using a glucose meter, and obtaining a reading. Lance fits over the finger of a standardized patient, or patient simulator, and has a protective liner that will prevent the actual finger from being pierced with the lancing device. "Lance MT" is shipped empty and can be filled with a control solution matching the glucose meter being used. This option allows users to use their meter, and get a reading with the control solution being the Blood in the simulated finger.

Blood sample, and proceed in the simulation with either a simulated blood glucose machine (not included), or an instructor provided simulated blood glucose level.

Ordering information: The Lance SimBlood fill kit is designed to pair with the LANCE MT blood glucose test trainer (sold separately). Also includes 8 ml of simulated blood and a 5 ml syringe with 23 G industrial needle. The simulated blood will not register on blood glucose meters. Users will be able to lance the fingertip of LANCE MT (sold separately). The simulated blood in this kit is not testable for Glucose or Blood type. Each package contains three fingers and instructions for use.