Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

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Wonder Workshop Cue Robot
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Applied Physics Learning Activities
Introduce robotics to lower grade levels.

  • With three proximity sensors
  • Real-time bluetooth
  • IR robot interaction
  • With three processors and sensor fusion
  • Dual motors and potentiometers
  • With three microphones and speaker
  • Programmable LED and buttons
  • Features two powered wheels and encoders
Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude that is full of interactive surprises. Choose from four unique avatars to customize cue with a personality that is right for you. The more you explore, the more you will discover what cue can do. Experience interactive communication unlike any other robot. New Emotive AI systems, more memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advance Bluetooth capabilities make cue a true CleverBot.

The one-year curriculum subscription includes access to 22 premium lessons that are common core and NGSS aligned, designed for integration into 1st - 5th grade classroom curriculum. Lessons can be found in the teacher portal.