Wallcur® Practi-Meds Long Term Care Card

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Wallcur® Practi-Meds Long Term Care Card
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Pre-built cards for student practice.

  • Contains no medication
  • Blank label for customization
Practi-Meds Long-Term Care Cards™, for clinical training, come in a kit of 3 for assisting students in administering oral meds to the chronic long-term patient. The oral med packaging is similar to what is currently seen in varieties of long-term care facilities.

These facilities often utilize large rolling medication carts containing hundreds of medication punch cards.

Each of Wallcur's Practi-Meds Long-Term Cards come filled with 31 safe Practi-Med™ capsules and a blank label for you to simulate the drug of choice.

Ensure students understand the basics of this system by using the Practi-Meds Long Term Care Cards in your simulated lab environment.

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Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use.