Experiment Motor with Gearbox, American 3B Scientific

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470233-826EA 641.89 USD
Experiment Motor with Gearbox, American 3B Scientific
Experiment motor for universal use in experiments on rotational motion.

  • Speed sensitivity: Approximately 40 rpm per V
  • Span of chuck: 0.8 to 10 mm
  • Stand rod: 12 mm Ø
  • Pulleys: 10 mm Ø, 20 mm Ø, 40 mm Ø
  • Axle: 10 mm Ø
  • Drive belt: 130 mm Ø×4 mm
  • Connection: via 4 mm safety sockets
It can be used as a generator in conjunction with the included hand crank. Robust clockwise and counter-clockwise rotating IDC motor with epicyclic gearbox and quick-action chuck in a tough anodized aluminum casing with removable and adjustable stainless steel stand rod. Speed of rotation is adjusted by altering the supply voltage. Adjustable torque. Includes 3 belt pulleys of different diameters on a mounting axle.