5 L Bagtank for Arium® Mini and Mini PLUS Systems

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5 L Bagtank for Arium® Mini and Mini PLUS Systems
The arium mini pre-treated water is stored in this unique bag. The Bag protects the water from secondary contamination and enables consistent water quality over a prolonged period. Unlike conventional water reservoirs, the arium® Bag offers a high level of user safety and time savings, as there is no need for a complicated cleaning procedure with chemicals.

  • 5 L pharmaceutical grade bag for pre-treated water storage
  • Simple bag exchange in less than 5 minutes
  • No use of cleaning agents needed, more user-friendly
  • Best quality material avoids a permanent biofilm
This item is compatible with all Arium® Mini and Arium® Mini PLUS systems (UV and non-UV versions).

Ordering information: Available to US customers only.