Mobile Draw Station

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Mobile Draw Station
Trays/Dishes/Pots Blood Collection Trays
Create a draw station anywhere.

  • Increase efficiency by keeping supplies in full view and as close to the patient as possible
  • Great organization solution for any small area
  • Heavy-duty spring securely clamps on chair arms, wheelchairs, and bed rails
If you have been a phlebotomist for very long, you know many patients are physically unable to make it to a draw room. As a result, these patients must be drawn in alternate locations that are often awkward and unsafe. The Mobile Draw Station was designed by a group of phlebotomists who wanted a portable "workstation" that could travel anywhere.

Delivery information: Mobile Draw Station Plus included 6 x 17 mm tubes, 4 x 14 mm tubes, 2 x 11 mm tubes, alcohol wipes and adhesive bandages.