biOrb® Silk Plant Sets

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biOrb® Silk Plant Sets
Animal Supplies Animal Environmental Enrichment
The biOrb® Silk plant collection offers various colors and sizes to give you the creative freedom to design your aquarium as you wish. These biOrb® Silk plants are an excellent choice for aquariums with fish with delicate, flowing fins and tails as they are silky and gentle.

The large pack is suitable for 16 gallon/60 l and larger biOrbs. Maximum plant size is 14.96"/ 38 cm. The medium pack is suitable for 8 gallon/30 l and larger biOrbs. Maximum plant size is 11.42"/29 cm. The small pack is suitable for all biOrbs. Maximum plant size is 7.87"/20 cm.

Delivery information: Each pack includes two silk plants with weighted balls to prevent floating.