Crazy Circuits NES Controller Kit

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470234-682EA 101.65 USD
Crazy Circuits NES Controller Kit
Create your own classic video game controller with the Crazy Circuits NES Controller Kit.

  • Create your own controller out of conductive dough, ink, or even cups of water
  • Crazy Circuits parts are compatible with LEGO™ and similar brick building systems
  • Crazy Circuits parts come 100% ready to go out of the box, which means no soldering or preparation required
Decorate the included laser cut components to create your own unique USB Controller. Thanks to the built in features of the included Touch Board you can go beyond our design and turn any conductive object into a button.

Ordering information: Includes Crazy Circuits Chips; Touch Board and USB Cable; Six Tall Pushbuttons; One Red Jumbo 10 mm LED; Laser Cut NES Enclosure (with two faceplates); Conductive Nylon Tape - 1/8 ", 16 feet; Five Alligator Clips; LEGO™ Baseplate (8 x 16 studs).