Intermediate Soldering Kit, Solar Powered LED Owl

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470233-464EA 50 USD
Intermediate Soldering Kit, Solar Powered LED Owl
The Lumen Owl soldering kit gives students experience with soldering, LEDs, and solar panels.

  • Two alternating amber LED eyes are powered by 6 tiny solar panels
  • 19 components to solder onto the Owl circuit board
  • Students intuitively learn the relationship between solar power and storage
  • Perfect for students 13 and up
The Owl is a compact and attractive way for students to learn soldering. Basic instructions included, available with a white Owl shaped board. Once assembled the LEDs will charge either under solar power or using the standard sized USB tab on the bottom. Solar charge time is only 15 minutes in full sun, USB tab charge time is 2 minutes. Once charged the Amber LEDs will alternate and gradually dim over 3 hours. Does not include cord for hanging. Recommended tools: soldering iron, solder, and patience.