Wallcur® PRACTI-Code Meds

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Wallcur® PRACTI-Code Meds
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Preloaded Syringes For Your EMS, ACLS Or Nursing Training

  • Contains No Medication
  • Luer Lock Syringes Labeled And Prefilled
  • Individually Packaged For Loading Into Practice Crash Carts Or Field Bags
Fill or Refill your training response kits with these commonly used code meds. Each syringe is preloaded to accurately simulate the experience of drug administration in a pressure simulation. The luer lock connection matches up perfectly with IV connections. Supplied in 5 ml, 10 ml or 50 ml syringes, each is individually packaged and labeled to simulate a real ER experience. Use these tools to train and test students for: Accurate reading and opening crash cart code boxes, Hand/eye coordination while engaging glass syringe with plastic barrel, Dosage calculation and measurement, Intravenous administration of PRACTI-Crash Code™ solutions using an aseptic needless system assessment and Charting the amount, route, time, and efficacy of the delivery.

Available individually or in packages. The 6 pack kit contains one syringe each of PRACTI-Atropine, PRACTI-Sodium Bicarb, PRACTI-Calcium Cl, PRACTI-Dextrose, PRACTI-Epinephrine, and PRACTI- Lidocaine. The 9 pack kit contains one each of all 9 syringes.

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Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use