Somso® Nursing Baby Manikins

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Somso® Nursing Baby Manikins
Models Human Biology Models
Practice basic pediatric care!

  • Interchangable parts
  • Moveable limbs
  • Available in 3 versions
In natural size, approximating an approximately 4-week old infant. Designed for more advanced practice than basic baby care dolls, this simulator allows for general nursing care to be performed. Made of plastic throughout comprising body with movable head, arms and legs.

The following parts can be exchanged on this doll:
- female chest and abdominal wall with umbilical vein
- male chest and abdominal wall with stoma
- temporal vein
- urinary bladder
- stomach and intestines
- injection pads in thigh and buttocks

Training possibilities:
a) Puncture of temporal vein
b) Stomach tube (nasal and oral)
c) Catheterisation (female and male)
d) Intestinal lavage
e) Injection
f) Stoma care
g) Supply of umbilical venous catheter (possibility of demonstrating similar neonatal stage)

- Fitted movable head with removable temporal vein, nasal meatus, open mouth, tongue and oesophagus.
- Trunk with soft, movable arms and legs, transparent rectum, injection pads on buttocks and thighs.
- Transparent stomach and transparent intestinal tract with valve
- Male chest and abdomen covers with stoma, urethra and bladder with valve
- Female chest and abdomen covers with umbilical cord, urethra and bladder with valve
- Venipuncture cannula, feeding tube and 2 catheters
- 100 mL of blood liquid
- Spray bottle with silicone oil, 125 mL
- Talcum powder
- Vaseline
- Instructions for use