3D STEM+ Interactive Objects

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3D STEM+ Interactive Objects
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Intro to Science Learning Activities
Fully Interactive Stereo 3D STEM and CTE Learning Objects for the 3DAVRover!

  • Real time manipulation
  • Easy to use controls
  • Wide variety of Models in STEM and CTE Subjects
Featuring over 280 fully interactive stereo 3D objects in a wide range of subject areas. Students and Teachers alike can explore objects in Human and animal Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Mechanical, Paleontology, Earth Science and More in stunning stereo 3D. Real time interaction and stunning visuals combine into a revolutionary educational experience. Take apart, manipulate and run a V8 engine or dissect a Fetal Pig. With full range of motion and interaction all in real time and in stereo 3D this library also features labeling in many different languages if desired as well as the ability to pre-dissect objects and save each step as a slide.

Choose 1, 3, 5 yr licenses or the permanent license. Each license includes technical support for the length of the license (5 years support for permanent license).

Designed to be paired with your 3DAVRover for the ultimate Stereo 3D classroom experience or with applicable stereo 3D classroom technology.