Eyesaver® Faucet, Speakman®

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470117-478EA 780 USD
Eyesaver® Faucet, Speakman®
Eyesaver® faucet combines an eyewash and faucet that both work independently.

  • Tepid water ready
  • Quick installation to replace an existing faucet
  • Two Functional Units; faucet and eyewash - with independet operation
This unique eyewash system combines a high-quality gooseneck faucet with an independently operating eyewash to provide a safer, faster lab safety system. It is equipped with two separate supply tubes inside the gooseneck spout, one dedicated to the eyewash and the other dedicated to the faucet. This provides an independent cold or tepid water supply to the eyewash, so there is never a danger of scalding the eyes with hot water. These is no need to activate the faucet for the eyewash to work. The eyewash features aerated sprays, one-pull activation and alignment, and integral flip-top dust covers that automatically pop off when eyewash is actiated.

Certifications: Meet ANSI Z358.1 standard.