Backyard Brains® Heart And Brain Spikerbox

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Backyard Brains® Heart And Brain Spikerbox
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology Learning Activities
Kit for heartbeat or brain control.

  • Programmable, pre coded, Arduino board
  • Bundled with materials for recording heart and brain activity
  • Starting point for inquiry in biology, robotics, or coding
Arduino based, you can make any interface you want, for example, use your heartbeat to control a toy drum or lights. Try to create your own brain link interface too! Bonus: you can also use this instrument to record electrical deflections of the eye.

Pre assembled and ready to go out the box. After going through the starter experiments, you provide the imagination to come up with new wonderful interfaces and observations.

Delivery information: This bundle comes with 10 Electrode patches and the new fashionable EEG headband.