Insect Collecting Set

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Insect Collecting Set
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Contains Everything But The Bugs!

  • Full materials for a student or small lab group
  • Most materials reusable
Begin collecting insects with the knowledge you have everything to do it successfully. This basic kit is perfect for a beginner, a student, or a small student group to begin collecting. Begin your collecting with the included net, killing jars and envelopes. Once you have your starter insects you can follow the directions in the included guide to learn how to pin, mount and record each of your specimens. Once mounted you even have a strip to put into the collection that will prevent other organisms from damaging your collection.

Caution: Please note–Ethyl acetate is flammable. For international orders, this item will be removed from the kit due to shipping regulations. Within the US this item can only be shipped by UPS or FedEx ground service.