Kyoto Kagaku® Patient Care Simulator 'Keiko'

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Kyoto Kagaku® Patient Care Simulator 'Keiko'
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Basic Trainer For Long Term Care Providers.

  • Developed for training home caregivers
  • Basic procedures, with a focus on long term care situations
For trainees and professionals supporting long term care of patients in the community or hospital. This is a great simulator for both. Keiko has features many other simulators lack in regards to caring for patients on a long term, or at home basis. Teach caregivers how to transfer patients, Keiko will sit up without additional support and Joints will remaining in a fixed position. Learn how to assist patient hygiene with removable dentures. Practice Daily care routines from basic grooming and dressing, to stoma care and pressure sore assessment and treatment. The 15kg weight makes it easy to carry for education and training of non-professional caregivers as well.

Recommended Training Skills:
Tube Feeding (oral/nasal), Body positioning, Wheelchair transfer, Oxygen inhalation, Airway suction, Postural drainage, Tracheotomy care, Suppository, Procedure of vital signs taking, Vaginal douche, Postmortem care, Fomentation, Pressure sore care, Oral care, Bed bathing, Partial bathing, Change of clothes, Perineal care, Grooming and appearance , Enema, Urinary catheterization, Stoma care, Bedpan practice.