Kyoto Kagaku® Patient Care Simulator 'Yae'

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Kyoto Kagaku® Patient Care Simulator 'Yae'
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Bring Uninterrupted Training To Your Students.

  • Practice more than 40 skills
  • Soft, elastic abdomen allows palpation and percussion
Practice a n extended range nursing skills on a single patient care simulator. Yae allows your students to practice skills for feeding, elimination, hygiene, respiratory care, wound care, drug administration, critical care, assessment, patient transfer, movement and more. The flexible material in the chest and abdomen allow for chest compressions, as well as deep abdominal palpation. IV routing can be practiced at the either the left median vein, or the left hand dorsal vein. Yae will even sit up without support when needed.

Recommended Training Skills:
Tube Feeding (oral/nasal) Body positioning, Passive exercise, Wheelchair transfer, Oxygen inhalation, Airway suction, Postural drainage, Tracheotomy care, Suppository, Subcutaneous injection, Intramuscular injection, Intravenous injection and infusion, Assessment of chest and abdomen, Procedure of vital signs taking, Intubation assistance, Chest compression, Airway management, Stomach pumping, Vaginal douche, Postmortem care, Fomentation, Pressure sore care, Bandaging, Oral care, Bed bathing, Partial bathing, Change of clothes, Perineal care, Hair care, Grooming and appearance, Enema, Urinary catheterization, Stoma care, Bowel irrigation, Bedpan practice, TPN care.