Tube-CUBE™ Specimen Tube Blocks

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Tube-CUBE™ Specimen Tube Blocks
Racks Tube Racks
The Basis For Sample Management In Any Type Of Laboratory.

  • Invert and pour! - tubes will stay in place
  • Easily disinfected if contaminated, great for phlebotomy trays
  • Organize and store samples in refrigerator or freezer
The do all mini racks! Each of these Tube storage racks conveniently fits into the same footprint, making it easy to plan your storage of samples in confined spaces. Each of the trays is designed to fit neatly into a phlebotomy tray, or easily into carts. The tube slots are all flanged to hold the tubes securely, preventing spills and breakage in case of an accident.

Three configurations that accommodate practically all your needs
Single place, holds 66 mm cups, alcohol dispensers, small flasks, etc.
4 place, holds 26 mm to 30 mm tubes / 50 ml tubes
9 place, holds 8 mm to 16 mm tubes / Blood and Urine tubes