Maker Kit Wheels

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470229-228KT 104.03 USD
Maker Kit Wheels
The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space - with 3 types of motors!

  • Perfect solution for your Maker Space
  • 3 different motors - fly-wheel, spring and battery-powered
  • Instructions for 11 vehicle types included, build up to 4 at a time
  • 440+ parts
  • Reusable storage bin with dividers
Maker Kit Wheels comes with 440+ K'NEX parts, including rods and connectors in classic scale that are made in the USA PLUS lots of wheels and 3 different types of motors - a spring motor, a fly-wheel motor and a battery-powered motor. Wind-powered, hand-powered AND rubber-band powered vehicles can also be created with the set - that's 6 unique power sources to intrigue and inspire your budding makers! Instructions for 11 different types of vehicles are included, and there are enough parts to build 4 of some vehicles at the same time - meaning up to 4 students can work from the same kit. The set comes in a reusable bin with dividers to easily store and organize the parts. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.